Startups culture has just started in India , The government is framing laws and rules , various departments are mending their rules and offering startups in India incentives . The flagship program push by the government is in hope to create an entrepreneur eco-system in which the educated youth are advised to take risk and create jobs rather than running towards finding job.

The blog is set up to help all these new startups owner , founders and associates to deal with law. startupsofindia.in will provide extremely useful articles and factually correct information on various laws and rules brought in by government.

Author is having more than twenty years of association with government of India and now in new avatar as tax advisor , has ventured to help and guide youngsters who are taking risk by becoming entrepreneurs. 

Author has written two books - Tax Evasion Through Shoares and TAxing Questions Simple Answer - both are available on multiple platform including Google books , Apple stores . 

One can reach author by mail :  taxquery@gmail,com or on mobile 9831096533