Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Startup Fests at National and International Stage

Objective of Startup Fests at National and International Stage

To galvanize the Startup ecosystem and to provide national and international visibility to the Startup ecosystem in India


A pivotal component  for  growth of  Startups is regular communication and collaboration within  the Startup community, both  national as  well international. An  effective Startup ecosystem can’t   be created by the Startups alone. It is dependent on active participation of academia, investors, industry and other stakeholders.

To bolster the Startup ecosystem in India, the Government is proposing to introduce Startup fests at national and international stages.

These fests would  provide a platform to Startups in India  to showcase their  ideas and work  with  a larger audience comprising of potential investors, mentors and fellow Startups.

As part of “Make in India” initiative, Government proposes to:

Hold one fest at the national level annually to enable all the stakeholders of Startup ecosystem to come together on one platform.

Hold  one fest  at  the  international level  annually in an  international city  known  for  its  Startup ecosystem.

The  fests shall  have activities such  as sessions to connect with  investors, mentors, incubators and Startups,  showcasing innovations, exhibitions and product  launches, pitches by  Startups, mentoring sessions, curated  Startup  walks,  talks  by  disruptive innovators, competitions  such   as Hackathon, Makerspace, etc., announcements of rewards and recognitions, panels and conferences with industry leaders, etc.

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