Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mobile App & Portal for Startup India : Here is Objective & Details

To  serve as  the single   platform for  Startups  for  interacting  with  Government and  Regulatory Institutions for all business needs and information exchange among various stakeholders

In order to commence operations, Startups require registration with relevant regulatory authorities.

Delays or lack of clarity  in registration process may lead to delays in establishment and operations of Startups, thereby reducing the ability of the business to get bank  loans,  employ workers and generate incomes.  Enabling   registration process  in  an   easy and timel manner can   reduce  this   burden significantly.

Besides, Startups often suffer from the uncertainty regarding the exact regulatory requirements to set up its operations. In order to ensure that such  information is readily available, it is intended that a checklist  of  required  licenses  covering labour  licensing,   environmental clearances  etc. be  made available. Currently, the Startup ecosystem in India  also   lacks  formal platform(s)  for  Startups to connect and collaborate with other ecosystem partners.

Towards these efforts, the Government shall introduce a Mobile App to provide on-the-go accessibility for:

    Registering Startups  with  relevant agencies of  the Government. A simple form shall  be made available for  the same. The  Mobile App  shall have backend integration with Ministry of Corporate Affairs   and  Registrar of   Firms   for   seamless  information exchange  and  processing of   the registration application

    Tracking the status of  the registration application and anytime downloading of  the registration certificate.  A  digital  version  of  the final  registration  certificate  shall  be  made  available for downloading through the Mobile App

    Filing for  compliances and obtaining information on  various clearances/ approvals/ registrations required

    Collaborating with  various Startup ecosystem partners. The  App  shall  provide a collaborative platform with a national network of stakeholders (including  venture funds, incubators, academia, mentors etc.) of the Startup ecosystem to have discussions towards enhancing and bolstering the ecosystem

•    Applying for various schemes being  undertaken under the Startup India Action Plan

The  App   shall  be  made  available from April  01, 2016 on  all  leading mobile/ smart  devices’ platforms. The  Startup portal shall have similar  functionalities (being offered through the mobile app) using a richer web-based User  Interface.

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